Couples Half Day Intensive

Couples Intensive Sessions are 4 hours and designed to clarify core issues and includes intensive therapy.

Have you ever been in a marriage therapy session only to have the therapist say “our time is up” when a particularly difficult issue was on the table?


  • Weekend Availability
  • Immediate Results
  • Dig Deep into YOUR Issues
  • Perfect for Busy Schedules
  • Breakthroughs Now

It can be helpful to schedule a several hour session to thoroughly uncover deep concerns and emotions.This intensive therapy module can help you quickly identify issues and begin therapy the same day. 

This is helpful for couples who travel a long distance for therapy or those who want to “jump start” their marriage and has helped countless couples re-boot their relationship and get back on track.

For couples therapy for your busy schedule or if you need a weekend couples therapy appointment, contact me to schedule your breakthrough.

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