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POSITION: Licensed or Licensure-Track Outpatient Independent Contractor, Twin Cities Marriage & Family Therapy, LLC

Please submit your resume/CV and cover letter to Ben Hoogland, MS, LMFT at


Join a growing private pay practice focused on providing specialized therapy to our clients. Providing specialized care  means we are focused on specific presenting issues and are dedicated to forming our practice around a specific  clientele. Being a specialist allows the therapist to be more confident in the therapy they are providing, and the client to  achieve focused results on their issue.  

As an experienced LMFT and Board and AAMFT Approved Supervisor (Ben Hoogland, MS, LMFT), I have developed a  private pay mental health practice located in Eden Prairie serving clients in-office and virtually throughout Minnesota.  

I believe in giving the highest quality care to our clients, focused on couples and relationship issues.  

I place a high value on cultivating a workplace culture of collaboration, mutual respect, open communication, and a  structure that encourages work/life balance. As a father of 4 girls, and having worked in a variety of settings, I know how  hard it is to find the right balance as a therapist. I’m committed to supporting therapists in cultivating their ideal  work/life balance. Please refer to the website for more information at or email  

I would love to talk to you about how your skills would fit in the practice!  

POSITION: Licensed or Licensure-Track Outpatient Independent Contractor, Twin Cities Marriage & Family Therapy, LLC,  Ben Hoogland, MS, LMFT.  

POSITION DESCRIPTION: In-office at our Eden Prairie location and virtual therapy serving adults and couples presenting  with relationship issues and/or pre-marital counseling. Our practice is private pay, which means no insurance billing or  delay in reimbursement.  

Contractors (1099) are paid based on billable hours performed, with a range of $50-$104 per session. Pay cycle will be  every two weeks, with no waiting for insurance reimbursement. Pay rate is based on experience in relationship/couple  therapy and CEU/certification in relationship therapy models. Hours are negotiable and contract clinicians are able to  choose how many hours they work, minimum hours (not less than 15 hours per week) will be agreed between clinician  and TCMFT. Some evening and weekend availability expected.  

Ben is expanding the practice and seeking additional experienced clinicians who have a specialty that fits within our  niche of relationship issues. Currently, we are accepting cover letters and resumes from candidates meeting the  following:  

Required Qualifications:  

  • Licensure of LPC, LPCC, LICSW, LMFT or LP who has a current MN License.  
  • Individual on a licensure-track for LPC, LPCC, LICSW, LMFT or LP in MN (Supervision offered).  Desired Qualifications:  
  • Previous outpatient therapy experience is strongly desired.  
  • Specialty training and/or certification is desired.  
  • Able to communicate effectively and efficiently.  
  • Ability to manage couples and high intensity in sessions.  
  • Effective at problem-solving and initiating in steps for positive change.  
  • Confident and focused on helping adults and couples heal and build healthy relationships. 
  • Able to manage high-conflict couples.  
  • Focused on developing their specialty in relationship/couple therapy through proven modalities and theories.  Responsibilities:  
  • Provide couple and individual psychotherapy including assessment, treatment planning and termination  planning/summary.  
  • Coordinate any contact and forms prior to commencement of therapy sessions.  
  • Monthly case consultation, which is available for free, but not reimbursed.  
  • Maintain excellent clinical records (session notes, treatment plans, and summaries).  
  • Manage online client calendar, manage client payments and respond to emails from clients.   Maintain all necessary licensure requirements and follow all state laws, rules and ethical standards.   Assist in some marketing and social media content on a monthly basis (blog, post content, etc).
  • Maintain evening and weekend availability (negotiable hours).  

Please forward your resume, cover letter and references to Ben Hoogland, MS, LMFT (owner,  

Job Type: Contract 

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