The SAIL Technique Helps Couples Build Skills That Improve Relationship Quality

Ben Hoogland is a couples counselor serving the Twin Cities for over 15 years. He a local expert on relationship health and has been featured on:

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I have recently made a webinar going over my SAIL technique that you can view here:

Webinar Format:

Part 1 – The hidden messages behind how we interact and conflict. Coronavirus and its effect on relationships is covered.

I describe common issues that create conflict during tense situations. How we start difficult conversations, how we can better communicate to each other and how we can come to a resolution that makes us each feel respected and listened to. My “SAIL” technique is a process we can use in our relationship conflicts that reduces the “four horseman” of divorce: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling.

Part 2 – Guided exercises

I walk participants through guided exercises that can be practiced and immediately applied during these difficult times.  (20 minutes)

Part 3 – Q&A

If couples have specific questions they can ask them anonymously and I will answer them to the group. (10-20 minutes)

What You Will Gain

  • Concrete skills and tactics to manage conflict constructively
  • A better knowledge of your personal communication style
  • A better knowledge of your spouse and your relationship

What You Need:

  • Must be a resident of Minnesota (my license restricts who I can help)
  • An ability to stream video
  • Need to download Zoom (a free video messaging app on phone or computer)
  • A willingness to Learn

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Watch the webinar below: